Panic! At the Disco’s album kills it

Chris Smith



Panic! At the Disco comes out, yet again, with a great album. The album, “Death Of A Bachelor”, brought a hint of their older music with a modern twist. Brendon Urie created the album full of beautiful lyrics, wonderful rhythms and amazing vocals. Buying this album would be the best decision you could make this year.


Panic! At the Disco is a Pop-Punk band which has taken a new route with the album. Brendon Urie has said that the album is supposed to sound somewhere between Sinatra and Queen. Which he does an excellent getting the vibe from both artists.


New York Times stated, “Panic! at the Disco has always favored a style both steroidal and slick, and Mr. Urie isn’t out to reinvent it here.” The Song, Emperor’s New Clothes, is a perfect example of how Urie has stuck with his old style and combined it with something new.


Panic! At the disco’s songs have changed over the years, but why wouldn’t they? Most of the band has left, and Brendon Urie has done his own thing with the band’s new direction. But he still manages to keep some of the classic sound.


Panic! At the Disco’s new album worth listening to in 2016 and is definitely worth the buy. Urie has done an excellent job at continuing the legacy that is Panic! At the Disco.