People’s life stories inspire songwriter

By JoJo Brinkhoff
Reporter (Fall 2012)

The Story Of Your Life is a book for any reader who is looking for something inspiring to read. I was challenged and encouraged by the people’s hardship and the hope, faith, and friendships they found.

While spending two months in a Tennessee cabin with his family, Christian songwriter and artist, Matthew West, challenged listeners and fans to write their life story and send it to his cabin. By the end of those two months, West received almost 10,000 letters from over 20 different countries which inspired his newest album “The Story of Your Life” which includes his top hit songs “My Own Little World” and “Strong Enough.” In December 2011, West, with the help of Angela Thomas (bestselling author of Do You Think I’m Beautiful? and My Single Mom Life) released The Story Of Your Life to answer 52 of those letters.

The Story Of Your Life is meant for any reader with any hardship. Whether it’s being bullied in school, being abandoned, or being physically or sexually abused each chapter deals with different situations that can relate to the reader. However, this book may not be appropriate for children because of the issues discussed.

The setup of each chapter allows multiple uses for the book. Each chapter contains one of the 52 letters with a Bible verse or two and either West’s or Thomas’s words of wisdom and encouragement to that one letter in an easy read context. This book can be used for pleasure reading, personal devotion, or group study/devotion.

The Story Of Your Life will bring tears and laughter as well as challenge the reader to see beyond his or her own world and make a difference in a hurting world.