Plymouth Junction rocks the local area

From left to right Alexander Xavier Clayton, Ross, Clayton Ray,  Montana Haddocks

From left to right Alexander Xavier Clayton, Ross, Clayton Ray, Montana Haddocks

Sierra Coy

Plymouth Junction, a local rock band, has the crowd cheering for more. They recently played in Marionville at Lou’s Bar where I caught the show.

They have played at many places near Crowder College including Billings, Springfield, Monett and many more. With every bar around, smokers seem to adapt easily to the tobacco smoke that fills the establishment. Personally, I do not enjoy the smoke in my face and in my lungs. The smoke, however, did not interfere with the music.

More than 25 people attended. For the most part the audience members remained seated at their tables, but every once in a while someone would get up, go to the front and dance.

It took a few songs for the lyrics to stand out over the instrumental music; it took some getting used to. After the initial technical difficulties, the songs became smoother as the night went.

The band consists of four members: Montana Haddocks, the singer and rhythm guitarist; Clayton “Danger” Ray, lead guitarist; Ross, bass; and Alexander Xavier Clayton replacing the original drummer Brady Prock. Alexander as well as Clayton attended Crowder as students.

The band took song requests and played 90% original content and 10% cover songs. Some of the covers included “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet, “She Hates Me” by Puddle of Mud and “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. A lot of what they do consists of classic rock and early 2000s rock.

As far as the original songs went the instrumental music, vocals and lyrics all came together well, producing amazing harmony and melody. Their audience easily recognized the covers that the band sang also.

Any classic or early 2000s rock fans would love to listen to this local band known as Plymouth Junction.