Preparing for your super summer body

Victoria Davidson


Summer time is quickly approaching, and you know that that means; getting that perfect summer body. girl working out

For some of you, those words taste like vinegar in your mouth, but it doesn’t have to be a negative process. With the right kind of motivation and mindset, the weight will melt off by itself, and you won’t have to stress a bit.

For some, working for a summer body sounds super easy, yet for others, it sounds nearly impossible. With these few steps, you’ll be shaping up in no time. The first step is getting into the right mindset. If this is your first time getting down to business with a fitness routine, don’t let it overwhelm you. Don’t focus on your current health status, but instead, focus on your end goals; make the process seem worth-while.

The next step is to lay out a routine. Find a process that fits within your schedule and stick to it!

When asking others about their routines, Crowder alum and YMCA worker Kelsey Sexson states, “I take Zumba classes twice a week, I try and eat healthier than normal, and I have started an exercise routine that I do every day for 30 days.” Sexson fits her workouts in with her busy schedule of work and classes, making sure to keep healthy for the upcoming summer season.

The final step to your dream transformation is to find an accountability partner. This may be a spouse, a friend, or even your parents; anyone who will help motivate, but also keep you on track with your goals. Crowder student Emily Johnson works with a personal trainer 5 days a week, targeting specific areas during each workout. Johnson’s advice for motivation is to “be around positive influences, who can inspire and motivate you to work your hardest.”

If you must eat a cheeseburger to keep sane, that is okay, but remember to stick to your routine, and focus on your end goal. Your summer body will thank you greatly.