President tackles first month in office

Lauren Adams



The Crowder student body made their voice heard barely a month ago in the Student Government Association elections by making Vikas Yadav president.

Born in India, Yadav disclosed that he was attracted to Crowder because of the welcoming and skillful staff members. Two years ago he enrolled to pursue a degree in computer science and has since become and a Resident Assistant and Ambassador. Now this semester he is the first SGA president Crowder has had in over three years.

As declared by the constitution, the role of the president encompasses several responsibilities including officiating student government association meetings, calling special meetings, appointing a committee, selecting a vice president, voting in cases of ties, and assisting Campus Life in planning events such as homecoming. Yadav said that he was inspired to campaign because “residents talk to me about the difficulties that they are facing and how they felt like there was no particular platform that they could address about those difficulties.” He is seeking to transform the SGA presidency into a position that gives students an opportunity to make changes in their campus and helps to ease and enrich their college experience.

Already Yadav is attempting to achieve those goals by contacting all the of the department heads and requesting better representation from each club and campus branch. He has also met with the library director, Eric Deatherage, to discuss a change in library hours, one of the most prevalent issues on the student body’s mind. Matthew Cole, his competitor in the election, was his first choice for vice president given his former experience with SGA and his similar goals for the campus.

Yadav has begun his term as president keenly focused on the mission of providing students with a platform to express their ideas and problems. He states that his favorite part of the experience thus far has been the large amount of the students that have come to him with with their issues and creative solutions.

He attributes his successful campaign to the dedication and service of Campus Life staff, Mark Aubuchon, Lori Kelley, Mia, Shia, Rennie and numerous others.

According to Mark Aubuchon his first 42 days of being president, Yadav has established himself as a man of action, proven how highly he values good communication, and repeatedly shown his selfless care for the students of Crowder College.