Project NOW hosts workshop on love

Ever wonder how you receive love? Can you feel love through physical touch? Words of affirmation? Quality time? Gary Chapman, author of “The Five Love Languages” is famous for being able to depict how you receive love.

This has helped many relationships thrive. It helps couples better understand what the other wants. On FeLove languageb. 10, Project NOW is offering a workshop at noon in the Newton Hall Conference room. There, students will be able to discover their love language, what it means, and how they can use it to connect to others. Refreshments will also be provided.

“This interactive workshop allows attendees to learn information that that can improve ALL relationships when put into use. Although a tribute to Valentine’s Day, this session is for the singles out there, too.” Julie Dobbs, Project NOW Assistant Director says.

All students are encouraged and welcomed to attend. Crowder has benefited from this program in many different ways including bringing students together to build realtionships and friendships. Project NOW hosts workshops every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. and Fridays at noon in the Newton Hall Conference room.

“All students are welcome to attend.” says Dobbs. What better way to build friendships an relationships this time of year?