Q&A: Sophomore strives for big business

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Madison McDonnell

Business Major

Neosho Campus


Madison McDonnel

Madison McDonnel, Sophomore Business Major

What drove you to choose Crowder out of all the available colleges?

Probably the location and the dedication they put into teaching and caring for each student. As well as I’m familiar with the location and the campus itself.


Were you considering any other colleges before Crowder?

Missouri Southern, as well as a couple other colleges which sent me information and applications. A few even offered scholarships, but I turned them down as they were away from home.


Were there any reason for you turning down these other colleges?

I didn’t know much about them, despite them sending information. I also don’t feel as if they put the same dedication into their students as Crowder does.


What hobbies do you pursue, or what do you enjoy?

Probably music and crafts. I played piano for about 12 years. Although I don’t take lessons anymore I still enjoy sitting down and playing some Bach, and a little bit of Beethoven.


You mentioned crafting?

I enjoy making jewelry. Basically anything that I can sit down and do myself.


When coming into Crowder College, what was the original major that you were going for?

I came into Crowder as a business administration manager, and in fact I still am a business administration major.


Were you considering any other majors aside from business?

I did actually consider becoming a music major. Even while pursuing my business major I have thought about minoring in music or even pursuing a double major in it.


Have you made any progress in that regard?

As of yet I have not. I may pursue it after I graduate.


While enrolled at Crowder have you thought about, or obtained, a part or full-time job?

I have actually. Last year I started working in the Crowder Academic Affairs office. Since then I’ve been moved to a position at the Crowder Switchboard in Farber. I work there part time.


How’s working at the Switchboard going for you?

It’s going really well. I find it really nice to get to work with and talk to people.


How long have you worked there?

As of yet, two months.


Before coming to Crowder where did you envision yourself in the near future?

Well, my parents were encouraging me to attend a college, so I was considering enrolling at Crowder or another college.


What about the distant future?

I pictured myself opening up my own business, or climbing my way to the top of an already established business.


Now that you’ve had a couple years at Crowder, how have your expectations changed?

They might have gotten a little bit narrower. My ideas before were a bit hazy because of my uncertainty, but now things are much clearer.


As a business major, what are your goals?

Do my best in the field. As a child I heard rumors and tales of how businesses would go corrupt, and I always thought it’d be cool if I could change that.


What type of business are you majoring in specifically?

I’m trying to major in business administration, and after that I might pursue a major in business management.


You mentioned music as a possible major, why did you choose business and not that?

If I were to pursue music I feel as if I’d dedicate too much of my time to it. And I feel that if I pursue a business major first I can live a better life.


As of right now where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years…I’d probably still be in this area, ‘cause I’m partial to it. It’s where my family is after all. But, I also see myself working in a company based in Joplin. Like, a big company. And, married.


What were your parents’ reactions to you choosing a business major?

Happy. My mom also pursued a business major. And, she told me stories about how business played a role in every aspect of life, in some way, shape, or form.


What class, thus far, has benefitted you the most in the pursuit of your major?

I’d probably say a combination of two, or three. My accounting classes, PBL, and maybe a couple others. They were both really enlightening into the world of business.


What class has challenged you the most?

That would have to be, up to this point, biology. But that’s because I am not a science major, or science oriented. It challenged me to think differently than I’m used to thinking.


What did you imagine college life would be like?

I had an idea as to how the classes would be in comparison to high school. My expectations were that my time usage day to day would change drastically as I adjusted to college life. I also imagined there would be more pizza.