Roadrunners spotted on campus

By Kaitlyn Welch

Photography Editor

Over the course of the summer and the first couple of weeks back at school, there have been many roadrunner-clip-artsightings of what is said to be Crowder’s new mascots: The Roughrider Roadrunners.

That’s right, folks, we have two real live roadrunners on our campus and they are making a name for themselves. It appears that these two little birds make their home in a tree over by Davidson and the CCTEC building, where they have built a nest out of sticks. Whether they have young in the nest is still a mystery.

According to Diesel Tech Instructor, James Scott, “The pair of roadrunners have made the Crowder campus their home since 2004/2005. While working across campus I have seen both male and female birds. Over the years they have moved around campus from the skid pad area, over by the Y before the soccer field was put in, between Transport Training office and Head Start and now between CTEC and the MARET Center. I have watched the male carry sticks to the female when it is time to build the nest. I have always kept my distance and only watched. It is hard for them to find the right habitat to live just like the Jack Rabbit.”

What is so interesting about these birds, is that they tend to make their homes in more arid conditions (southwestern America), so they are rare to Missouri.