Safety grant offers potential thousands

Students may have noticed the posters and emails proposing a call-to-action regarding the voting for the Safer Schools Grant sponsored by Stanley Security. Stanley will award $100,000 (first place) or $25,000 (second place) to the school with the most votes. The grant money incurred would be used to provide Crowder College with security products and services.

“What is really cool about this grant opportunity is that it will cost Crowder nothing if we win.  This is all the more reason for students, faculty and the community to jump in and vote as often as possible. Can you imagine what $100,000 in safety equipment (and this is anything from doors, locks, keys, lighting, video cameras, etc.) could do for Crowder College?” asks Kathy Collier, Grants Manager.

Crowder is not the only Missouri college that has qualified for this grant, as Stanley has spread a total of $600,000 across three different financial tiers to six potential winning schools. Crowder is in the first financial tier with a total of 8,000 or less students enrolled.

“I think students should vote for the safety grant because we need to help improve our school and make it a better environment, not only for ourselves, but, for other people as well,” said Nellie Selig, teacher education major.

Voting began on Jan 19 and will continue through Feb 12. The winning schools will be announced on March 3, 2015. Voting may be done daily by web, text, or tweet.

Students can cast their vote at