Scholarships help students

By Ashley Beeman
Reporter (Fall 2012)

Scholarships are a great way for any student who would like to get money to continue their education.

“Scholarships help students attend college,” said Stephanie Hiett, a psychology major. The only thing is how do students find available scholarships? There are many ways for students who are actively interested in continuing school to find scholarships.

Student Support Services (SSS) is one such opportunity for students to gain knowledge about scholarships. Their offices are located on the second floor of Newton hall.

Students who are already a member can go there anytime and get information on available scholarships through them, or through Crowder itself. They will also have information on other available scholarships as well. Students who are not yet members can sign up for SSS and have access to the same information as those who are already members.

There are different websites for students to visit that have many different types of scholarships available. Some websites can even filter scholarships based on activities, religious beliefs, majors and many different categories that fit the student.  Some of these websites include:,, and These websites will help students find scholarships as well as send them to the link for the application to fill them out.

Other places students can find information on scholarships include the Financial Aid Office, teachers and advisors, the internet, community clubs and organizations, employers–both the students’ and the parents’.

One general tip for scholarships is to apply for all of them, this increases the chance of winning by applying for several. Earning a variety of little scholarships can add up to big money to help students get through school. Another tip would be to review the application and essay before it is submitted, especially since typos can get students rejected for the scholarship. Proofreading the application and essay before submission is also considered a helpful thing for students.