Show Me Crowder Day benefits students of all ages

Show Me Crowder Day is here again

By Kaitlyn Welch


S how Me Crowder Day is an annual event that occurs every Oct. on the main campus in Neosho. It is a showcase day that allows high school students from the surrounding areas to come and see the opportunities that Crowder offers.

It is a campus wide event, so many different clubs and courses can set up booths in order to show the students what to expect, if they decide to attend school here. Each student is obligated to go to 10 tables in order to get the free pizza provided for lunch.

It is an event that is not only beneficial to the area juniors and seniors, but also to the students already attending Crowder. It gives students a chance to do their Service Seed without leaving campus, and to get to show how enthusiastic they are about going to college here.                                                                                     


“Show Me Crowder Day is a great way for the whole campus to get involved, and contribute to the success of the college.” says director of admissions Jim Riggs.

This year the event will take place on Oct. 21, and begins at 9a.m. Lunch is provided.