Silver Dollar City welcomes young and old

By Emilee Kuschel

Silver Dollar City

Guests enjoy the Branson theme park attractions May-December


Silver Dollar City has a charm like no other. The theme park helped create new memories for friends and families alike in an old-fashioned and exciting atmosphere. The rides thrilled guests and pushed some out of their comfort zones. Corn on the cob and fried chicken was seen at many tables and many attested to its tastiness.

Younger children enjoyed rides in Fireman’s Landing and the Grand Exposition, while older guests rode roller coasters such as Wildfire and Outlaw Run. Fun for all ages ensued with the Flooded Mine where guests float through a tunnel and fire at targets in the mine. Another great ride is the Lost River where families can ride in a giant inner tube down a windy, bumpy river.

The music and other performances drew in a large crowd of both young and old. Older guests heard the hymns from their childhood and younger guests learned to love the beloved music of their loved ones. Other guests enjoyed the dancing, singing, and wonderful talents of the performers at the park. Even when a performer became sick during the event, he sang on with passion and strength, fighting through his fever to give the audience a show they would cherish in their memories.

Silver Dollar City is a place where families and friends make memories and enjoy each other’s company while eating delicious foods, listening to great music, seeing riveting shows, and riding thrilling rides.

This month, Silver Dollar City is holding its National Crafts and Cowboy Festival through Oct. 28. and, starting November 4, the park will kick off its Old Time Christmas celebration.