Sofi’s Survival Standard: Help, I think I’m going to get an F


Okay, so everything was going rosy, and you were doing everything you were supposed to: you showed up to classes, took notes, never fell asleep, and sometimes you weren’t even daydreaming. But your instructor just gave you a test that you know you bombed. What can you do to make sure you make the grade?

1. It’s not too late. You can always ask your instructor for extra credit. Of course, this is at the instructor’s discretion. dropout late

  1. But it is a bit too late. You should have gotten some help about your grade maybe before the last quarter of your semester. Tutors, both in-person or through Brainfuse, have been available all semester long. You may still be able to get a tutor, but don’t expect an F to turn into an A+ overnight. The SSS has a tutoring service available, for more information, contact Helen Hale at 417-455-5624.
  2. Don’t skip class! If your instructor didn’t even know you were in their class, chances are, you’re going to have a hard time begging for that extra credit. Show up to class, no matter how boring or early it is, and take notes. Chances are, if the instructor is mentioning it, it’s going to be in the final. drop class
  3. If all else fails, drop the class. Dropping the class by meeting with your advisor or someone in the Student Affairs office will allow the class not to go into your transcript, and therefore not to mess up your GPA. Also, you might want to double-check with Financial Aid if you’re receiving federal financial help or have taken out a loan, as this can affect your future ability to finish your degree, or may leave you with debt.

Remember, college is what you make of it, and the grade you get is most likely the one you deserve. The semester isn’t over, so there is hope yet.