Sofi’s Survival Standard: Ways to spruce up ramen

Sofia Sanchez Salcedo
News Editor

Ramen and students  

College life, whether it happens in the dorms, cafeteria, or even at home, includes a delicious noodly snack by the name of Ramen. So maybe after the first 100 times students have the same roasted chicken-flavored pack of this most delicious foodstuffs, it loses its shine.

Fear not, starving scholars of higher education facilities, for I will give you some cheap and easy ways to revamp your Ramen when you have only a microwave and very little disposable income (because why else would you eat the darn stuff?).

Justin Timbelake: making girls crave ramen since 1995.

What to add    

  1.   Add protein: grilled chicken, fried chicken, peanut butter, tofu, and even fish sticks all taste great, and are available at local fast food joints as well as the frozen food isle.
  2.   Add veggies: cheaper by the frozen food bag, but also available fresh, they are a cheap and relatively healthy way to get in your veggies; good examples include broccoli, spinach, soy sprouts, and even shredded carrots.
  3.   Add an egg: whether boiled (which you can make in your microwave if you pop it in for three minutes in a cup full of water) or egg-drop soup (where you stir an egg in after you’ve cooked your Ramen), eggs make a cheap way to really bring your Ramen A game.
  4.   Spice it up: anything from soy sauce, to vinegar, chili sauce, and leftover cheese packets from pizza places (did I mention college students are broke?), don’t be afraid to experiment with flavor!

Can I get a R’amen?