“Sons of Anarchy” premiere leaves fans scarred and wanting more

Emily Haase

A few weeks ago, “Sons of Anarchy” returned with their sixth season, and to say it started with a bang is an understatement.

The episode showcased brutal prison assault, multiple gun fights, and what was possibly the most controversial scene any show has ever dared to put on television. In true typical style of producer Kurt Sutter, it was shocking.

But no one really expected him to go this far.

The main character and president of the biker gang, Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam), has too many tough decisions to make and seems to be cracking a little under his “I Got This” exterior. He’s turning from a lovable protagonist to a cold, cruel bad guy who’s willing to do anything to get what he thinks is best for the club.

It’s hard to blame him. The guy’s dealing with his wife’s arrest, a waiting game with his own stepfather who might sell him out and the resignation of the club’s former vice president, on top of so much more. To put it lightly, he’s got a lot going on.

The first episode lays it all out and somehow manages to fit all of this conflict into one 90 minute special, even if it made some scenes choppy and confusing.

To be entirely honest, no one can really be sure where it will go from here, but there are numerous possibilities. Coming from the brilliant though disturbed mind of Kurt Sutter, anything can happen.

A trademark of “Sons of Anarchy” is the show does not care how much you love a character, and it doesn’t seem to mind tearing you to pieces with plot twists that will leave you sad, angry or sick to your stomach. And the first episode left viewers feeling a little bit of all of these emotions and more.

Needless to say, this season will be more shocking than ever, since it is, as Sutter himself put it, “…the catalyst for the third act of this morality play we’re doing”.

The only problem with this show though, is once you’ve seen one episode, you’re hooked. You HAVE to know what’s going to happen next, because the possibilities are infinite.

“Sons of Anarchy” airs on the FX network Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Be forewarned, this show is in no way for the light hearted or weak stomached.