Speed through time-management

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Jennifer Ishcomer


The Five-Minute Time Manager for college Students is a great book for those just learning how to manage their life on their own. Ronald A. Berk has written a good book that talks to you instead of at you. The book gives simple instructions that allow you take the ideas and run with them. Berk starts off by telling you why you even need a to-do list in the first place.

Life gets complicated when you are on your own for the first time. Trying to balance school, work, friends and family can be hard this book will help you learn to balance them all. Berk will even help you to figure out what your priority’s are with school and life. With all the reading students have to do this book is small and a quick read packed with tons of good information to help you with life.

The information is still relevant even though this book was published in 2009. The plain speak that this book has links time management with other life skills we all need. Berk even tells you to be prepared to make spontaneous changes to your schedule, which can be rare to hear in time- management books.

The best thing I learned in this book was how to handle all my assignments so they don’t overwhelm me. I am a nontraditional student who came back to school at the age of 35, so it has been hard juggling all of my prior responsibilities and my responsibilities as a student. This book would have helped me a lot if I had found it during my first semester. But even half way through my college experience here at Crowder College, I believe it will help me greatly.