Stress-free spring break

Spring break is among us! Hallelujah! Time to relax, take a small vacation, enjoy the fresh air (which probably hasn’t been seen since you signed your life away at Crowder), and spend time with the ones you love. It’s hard to pack all of these things in to one week, so I’m going to help you solve that problem by helping you manage your time during spring break.

  1. Do not pack your week FULL of activities. Honestly, it’s very good for you to take some time to do nothing. I know parents disagree, but I like the thought of sitting around for a couple of hours watching a movie that I never had time for during the semester.
  2. If you have homework over spring break, first, shame on your teacher. Second, don’t sweat. Get it done on the first day so you can have the rest of the week to par-tay!
  3. Go outside for an hour or two each day. It’s spring break! Why not enjoy the sunshine finally?
  4. Get together with friends and family and spend a day with them. Family probably misses you, and your friends probably want to go party because “hallelujah we’re halfway there!” Life is meant to enjoy, so go live it! School isn’t everything.
  5. If you’re the quiet type who just likes to sit back in a chair, drink tea, read a book, and stay in all day, BY ALL MEANS do it! Enjoy the alone time with nothing but yourself.
  6. If you’re stuck working all week (ha….yeah I feel you) then take a couple days off. Call in and tell them you just need a break. Good luck!
  7. Last but not least, don’t waste your week doing NOTHING! It will drag on, or go by quickly if you’re that kind of a person. You will realize that the break you looked forward to just came and went. Get outside, catch a ball, go running (if you need me, I’ll be catching a ball), go swimming, work out, take a look at the places you can go (Dr. Seuss was a wonderful man if you caught that reference) within this March edition paper, and just have fun.