Stress reliefs for your mid-semester meltdown

By Kaitlyn Welch

Photo Editor


S tress reliefs for your mid-semester meltdown

We are to the point in the semester where we have all experienced at least one meltdown, whether it be because of school, or for other reasons. For instance, I myself, have experienced quite a few breakdowns within the past couple of weeks due to my psychology instructor cancelling class a total of five times within two months and still expecting us to do a workload of a master’s degree. Thankfully, I have some advice on how to cope with these breakdowns, and hopefully prevent them in the future.

Everyone has something they like to do in order to take their mind off things, whether it be taking a nice warm bubble bath, or walking a nature trail. Others have specific hobbies that they partake in such as sports or arts. This is good, because that means you have already found a way to cope with whatever you are having to face while in college. However, there are also other ways to deal with stress and these ways actually start with you.

  • Take one day at a timekim-kard
  • Manage yourself
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Love yourself for who you are
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Don’t overload yourself
  • Relax
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep
  • Pay attention to yourself
  • Live for yourself                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              To summarize this list, instead of constantly worrying about the world around you, worry about yourself. I know this sounds way to philosophical, but real talk, you are stressed out because you are letting yourself stress out. It is good to be concerned about your classes, but don’t overthink things because overthinking leads to panicking and panicking leads to a mass freak out. Focus on yourself, your health, and your surroundings. Eating healthy and exercising are super heroes when it comes to stress relief. However, don’t hesitate to grab that bag of chips and plop down on the couch if you feel like that is what you absolutely need to do. Surround yourself with positive people and it will begin to rub off on you. Be aware of that test in Biology next week, but don’t let it consume you. Do your homework, but keep in mind that sleep is basically your best friend while in college. Don’t let what other people think about you get to you, because truthfully, you aren’t here for them, you are here for yourself. Remember that study groups are a great thing. Most importantly, take one day at a time. Deal with what is in front of you before worrying about what is going to happen two weeks from now. Enjoy the moment you’re in, and the one after that. College is definitely a kicker, but so are you. Inhale, exhale, and to quote Robin Williams character, teacher John Keating in the Dead Poets Society, “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your life extraordinary.”