Student aims for musical career

Kerrigan Arnold practices a new song she wrote. Multimedia Specialist |Alexis Arenas-Andrade

At a young age Kerrigan Arnold a freshman from Reed Springs, Mo has followed in the footsteps of her father Brian Arnold, a former musician in the band Chosen Few. Music has been an influential aspect in her life.


“When I was 11 years old my father decided that I would sing alongside him when he realized that I had this natural talent, so I started to sing old gospel songs at churches all the time,” stated Kerrigan, a Journalism and Public Relations major.

Singers in the music industry find various channels in which to find inspiration to write songs, whether from joyous life events to the most tragic, she finds hers through heartbreaks that she has faced.

“Freshman year I got dumped for the first time ever so I started writing poems, but that eventually turned into songs that I’ve recorded.”


Seven time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has inspired her to pursue her career in the music industry.

“I really like Taylor Swift; she has good morals and a lot of her songs are very similar to mine. I can definitely relate to her when I listen to her songs.”

Nashville, Tenn. the Holy Grail for new artist and country music it’s also known as a place where music has been the common thread connecting the life and soul of the city and its people. It has seen the beginnings of Robert Plant, Bon Jovi, and Michael Bublé and one day Arnold plans to see her name among these ranks.

Future plans

“Well I already got my foot in a few doors up in Nashville; after Crowder I am thinking of taking a year off to go live up there and work on the musical aspect of my career.”

Another way she has tried to get her foot in the music industry is by doing auditions for TV show such as The Voice.

“I auditioned for the voice and got past the first round where you are in the room with thousands of people. I didn’t get past the other ones though, but I do plan to go back and audition.”

Disney has worked alongside her to produce a song and Shelly Crane a New York Times bestseller used her song, “Significance” as part of an audio track for one of her books.

Hard work has brought her to this point in her musical career, there’s only one thing that will reassure that she’s made it big.

“I really just want to hear one of my songs on the radio. I don’t have to sing it I just want to write it.”

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