Student works his way to the top

Last November, Chandler Cracraft was elected as Southern Regional Director of the Missouri Nursing Students’ Association (MONSA) at the MONSA convention in St. Louis. As the Southern Regional Director, he organizes activities at a state level for all of the Crowder campuses to recruit new medical students.

Chandler Cracraft and Bill Lant 2015

Cracraft meets with Rep. Bill Lant at the MONSA convention where he was elected Southern Regional Director.

The path to getting there was a little rough. He was originally going to major in Pre-medicine, but his advisor discouraged him by saying that he would not make it into the nursing program at the University of Arkansas. He then changed his major to Business and moved to Orlando, Florida.

After spending about six months in Florida, he moved back to Arkansas and transferred to U of A and finished out the year still majoring in Business. His next year there, he changed his major to Interior design. After a while, he decided that was not for him, that he really wanted to be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Since his advisor had told him previously that he would not be able to get into the program, he needed some encouragement. His wife, Sara Cracraft, gave him the push he needed by telling him that he was good enough.

He switched to the major he originally wanted, and transferred a year later to Northwest Arkansas Community College. He then decided to come to Crowder, after being accepted into the nursing program.

“This position has taught me that good things come to those who wait, but great things also come to those who get up and take risks and work hard for what they want in life,” said Cracraft.

In high school, he participated in various extra-curricular activities, including cross-country and track. He missed being so involved, and his wife encouraged him yet again. He found out last minute about the MONSA submission nomination, so he did not get to speak before he was elected. Cracraft is planning to run for re-election next year.

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