Students direct upcoming plays

JoJo Brinkhoff
Entertainment Editor


As part of a theatre class, Kyle Jacobs and Brandon Hall, both theatre majors, are directing two one-act plays at 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 13-14 and at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 16 in the Elsie Plaster Community Center (EPCC) on the Neosho campus. All tickets are $2, no reservation is available.

According to Jacobs and Hall, this is their first production they will be directing. For their first production, Hall has chosen “Post-Its: Notes on a Marriage,” while Jacobs picked “The Traveling Sisters.”

They are not the only one who is excited about these upcoming plays. Kirsta Sehuler, occupational therapy assistant major, stated that something she is looking forward to in acting for “The Traveling Sisters” is having “a chance to work with a new director.”

In the romance-comedy, “Post-Its,” a married couple never has time to chat so they leave notes may say simple things like “How’s your day?” or “Don’t forget to …” for each other as a way to communicate.

According to Hall, the reason he picked this one-act is because he had seen it done in the debates as a duel. When choosing his play, Hall recognized the title and decided to use it.

“Being able to feel for a piece is one of the best ways to select for a play or a show,” said Hall. ‘Cause you’re able to personally get involve and create a better production.”

In “The Traveling Sisters,” two sisters go once every year to a traveling agency to plan a trip they can’t afford; however, they’re luck turns when a robber promises pay for their dream trip if they will sneak him out of the country.

While looking for a play online, according to Jacobs, he happened to find the two pages preview of the script. After ordering it, Jacobs read the whole script, loving the plot.

“It has a lot of humor in it and it’s a great plot,” said Jacobs. “…the hero in the story is not who you expected it be.”