Students plan campus activities

By JoJo Brinkhoff

Entertainment Editor

Student Government Association (SGA) has been coordinating campus activities since Crowder was established.

According to the Constitution, the SGA is managed by five student officers: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian (back-up for secretary). Under the supervision of Mark Aubuchon, Campus Life Coordinator, the officers decide the types and number of activities SGA will fund.

“Since SGA is a student-run organization,” Aubuchon said, “it is up to them themselves to determine if there are enough events.”

Some of the activities SGA organize are the Homecoming dances, Earth Day clean-up, Halloween dances and cookouts.

Not everyone can run for office, however. According to the Constitution, the president should have one year of college, all officers must have a 2.5 GPA before or during their term, attend their college classes regularly and be willing to perform whatever their duty requires. Failure to meet these qualifications could result in losing their position.

The officers are responsible for any club that applies to be under the organization. According to the Constitution, it’s the officers’ duty to accept or decline a club’s request, approve new clubs and give an allowance of $400 per academic year for each club. The officers are also responsible to withhold the money if a club fails to follow the Constitution.

“If a student organization is in good standing with SGA and they request funds,” Aubuchon said, “and the other member organizations vote ‘yes’, then the club will receive the funds.”

For a club to be on good terms, at least one representative from each club must attend the SGA’s meetings. They also should be active during the meetings by voting and voicing their opinion.

Not all clubs have to apply under SGA. According to Aubuchon, some clubs can start their own without the support of SGA like the Chess and Solar Green club. However, these clubs must raise their own funds.

“The reason this (Solar) club is not a part of the SGA is due to the fact that in the recent past the club was disbanded due to lack of interest.” Chris Catron, President of Solar Green club, said.