Applications due for May graduates

It is time to order cap and gowns graduates!

It is time to order cap and gowns graduates!

By Dexter Ballay


Students should complete a couple of things in order to graduate. One of the first steps for your graduation checklist is to fill out the application. Go to the My Crowder portal or complete a paper copy. May graduates should have turned in the application by Oct. 1, Dec. 1 and Aug. grads should turn in their application by March 1.

It is not too late, however, for May graduates. The point of making it due so early is so students can get names into the commencement program on time. Those graduating in May that have yet to fill out an application need to do so as soon as possible.

Rhonda Helm, records manager for Crowder College, has been maintaining dates and getting everything ready for graduates. “I would just like to stress the importance of students applying to graduate the semester prior to when they are planning to and prior to the deadline. This allows a student to be notified in a timely manner in case there would be a requirement that has not to be fulfilled,” said Helm.

The next step is to schedule the graduation exit exam on Tests will be available in Cassville, McDonald County, Neosho Nevada, and Webb City. For more information about the tests, go to For any questions about the exit exam, contact the Testing Center at 417-455-5433.