Students work to find balance

Kate Kelley


Finding the balance between work and school can be a challenge for some students. The Student Success Center (SSC) hopes to help in this endeavor. “With roughly half of the student body being employed, it’s an issue many students have to face,” said Casey Owens, career services coordinator.

Created By Kate Kelley

Created and Compiled by Kate Kelley

However, the SSC wants students to know that they are not alone in their struggle. “We’re here to help; we want students to succeed,” Owens stated. “You can never take education away from somebody, so if a student is coming here, our goal is to help them to succeed so that they can graduate to meet their goal.”

With advisors, free tutoring services and the work-study program in place, a student has options that they can utilize. Owens brought out that sometimes a student just needs to “vent.” Advisors are available to help students strategize and implement whatever services or resources are needed for the individual.

“The faculty has the ability to reach out to students through the SLIPP program,” stated Owens. “The SLIPP system is designed to help students be successful throughout college.” The SSC can also provide help finding part-time jobs and building resumes.

“I make sure I have all of my homework done before I go to work because that way I can focus on my job,” said student Kyler Bard, pre-engineering major. “Do a self-evaluation; make sure that you’ll be able to do your school work first because that is the priority; that’s why we’re here. If you don’t have a good focus on school then you won’t be able to concentrate at work.”