The Voyager travels through 15 years

Jenny Lewis The Voyager Album Cover

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Sofia Sanchez Salcedo

Jenny Lewis’ new CD, “The Voyager” has a few songs listeners can sing along to, and a few more for relaxing. Jenny Lewis took a year off since her last CD, when she collaborated with her previous band, Rilo Kiley in “Rkives” to work on some personal issues like depression, lack of direction, and insomnia. The lyrics are good, but the CD seems to be missing something to really make it stand out; however, this CD is highly recommendable.

Successful performing, first as an actress, then as a singer, is what Jenny Lewis is known for. She first started her hand in music with the successful Rilo Kiley 15 years ago. For her to still be making music, let alone such good, successful music is a rarity in the industry.

Her songs are a modern version of what Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks might have written after a bad breakup. Indeed, a lot of the songs are about love and the loss of it: “She’s Not Me,” as self-explanatory as the title sounds, is more about the mistakes she make in relationships, mainly cheating, and how that leads to the loss of love. On the other side, “Just One of the Boys,” talks about her love for life and how her biological clock ticks her away from love and towards settling down.

The Voyager” is a perfect CD for driving to a far off destination, as the piece goes through ups and downs that are only fully appreciated if played a couple times in a row. While the CD is beautifully done, it is not a pop album and not a rock album either. “The Voyager,” with a couple of really strong singles, does not have every song manicured to sound perfect, but rather, should be appreciated as a whole.