Theatre auditorium undergoes reconstruction

JoJo Brinkhoff
Managing Editor 

The need to upgrade the auditorium in the Elsie Plaster Community Center (EPCC) was something that the theatre department had discussed over the past couple of years. After several meetings discussing it, the upgrade in the theatre department began reconstruction at the beginning winter break in 2013.

According to Drew Fethers, theatre department head, the upgrade includes painting the inside, remodeling the seats, laying new carpet, redoing the stage floor and getting new curtains. As long as everything goes as planned, the auditorium should be completed by Feb. 8.

“We had budgeted $300,000 for the Elsie Plaster Center upgrades,” said Dr. Jim Cummins, Vice President of Finance. “We were able to complete the project for about $175,000.”

According to Dr. Cummins, $15,000 of the $175,000 was spent for curtains, $60,000 for seating and $100,000 for essential such as flooring, painting, acoustical panels and other supplies. Although the price for the upgrade sounds expensive, some feels the cost is worth it in the end.

 “It’s costly, but it will all pay off in the long run,” said Fethers, “because it’s a facility that is used by the college and the community.”

The theatre faculty is not the only ones looking forward to the upgrades. Some of the theatre and music students are also excited about the auditorium remodeling.

To be honest I haven’t seen them,” said Brian Savard, theatre major, “but I am very excited about the new curtains whatever they get will be an improvement from the tattered rage we have now.