Theatre department opens honors for students

By JoJo Brinkhoff
Entertainment Editor

The Theatre Department has pinned Brandon Hall and Kyle Jacobs, both theatre majors, as the first students for Delta Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society Chapter (DPO).

According to Drew Fethers, Theatre Department Head, the DPO was first established about the time Crowder College opened for the public, but was later terminated because of the lack of participation. Now that more students are involved in the Theatre Department, Fethers decided it was time to ‘reopen’ the DPO.

“It [DPO] was something that was on the back burner,” said Fethers. “So we decided this year to give it a shot and see if we can get it going again.”

The DPO is not just for theatre majors, it’s for anyone who has earned the required 50 points by passing certain theatre classes and being active in plays both on and off stage. According to Fethers, those who meet the required points must then take a test before being ‘pinned’ as considered members of the DPO. Like the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the students will attend a ceremony that announces its new members.

Because DPO is a nationwide program, having the DPO seal on a transcript will not only look impressive for any Theatre major, but also open up any scholarship opportunities offered at different universities. For the students, however, proving that they are in an honor society is rewarding enough.

According to Jacobs, the most exciting thing about being part of the DPO is having other actors and actresses see the achievement they have accomplished.Another exciting aspect is having the DPO seal on his transcript.

Although Hall and Jacobs have met all of the requirements, the official ceremony has not yet been planned due to the official book used at the ceremony. This official book is the guidelines and policies that every student who wants to be part of the DPO must agree to uphold when they become members.

“Now that they’re [Hall and Jacobs] pinned, we’re just waiting for the official book to do the official ceremony,” said Fethers.