Theatre wows crowd

By Emilee Kuschel

Reporter                                                                                                              Dracula

A young woman is dead; her body is found unharmed except two small marks on her neck. Another girl, the daughter of a sanitorium owner, has fallen sick with anemia, and although she has received numerous transfusion, she keeps losing blood.

Everyone in the house seems to be either going mad or already there, and a ghoulish neighbor always seems to show up right after each mishap. While the group tries to save the girl and themselves from the fiend, a dark tragedy lurks right around the corner.

The play, dramatized by Hamilton Deane and John Balderston and directed by Ben Davies, is acted by a cast spanning from high school seniors to college sophomores with a wide-range of theatrical experience.

Actors interpreted the story spectacularly, especially for a community college performance. While the British accents could have been better rehearsed by some, the overall delivery of lines was exceptional; no one even stumbled over or missed a line. The director’s casting choices were definitely a good decision, especially for Dracula.

The set and costumes, designed by Monty and Stacy Pugh-Towe, were true to the era and looked very classy. Dracula’s costume, along with his hair and makeup, added to the creepiness of the character and the rest of the hair and makeup design looked realistic on the stage.

The crew did a great job making sure all the props were in order and there when the cast needed them and moving all of the furniture between scenes.

The lighting choices made the scenery look eerie and mysterious, although the bat did seem cheesy. Some of the lighting changes could have been executed more smoothly, or perhaps taken out altogether, but, for the most part, it really helped push the storyline along with different effects and lighting changes.

Overall, the whole team did a wonderful job in the depiction of this story.