Thunderdome kicks back up soccer event

by Whitney Crinklaw, Sports Section Editor

Thunderdome is an indoor soccer tournament that takes place each year. The themeIMG_1057[1] for last year’s Thunderdome was Pi, or 3.14. This will be the 34th year that the sports event has taken place. All the money that is raised goes towards the soccer program.

The date that the games will take place is March 18-19. The tournament is hosted at various locations such as Crowder’s Bob Sneller gymnasium, Neosho Middle School, and the Neosho YMCA. Anyone is welcome to come and watch the tournament. It is free of charge, and last year refreshments, as well as T-shirts, were available to the public for purchase.

Brad Smith, the head coach for Crowder’s soccer team, stated, “This year’s theme will kind of be St. Patrick’s Day. Pretty much anyone can register a team, they basically just get a hold of me.”

Thunderdome has made a big impact on a number of individuals, not only current students, but even those who have moved on, or transferred to different schools. One of these individuals is Ludin Gonzales, an alumnus of Crowder College, and currently attending Upper Iowa University.

“Coming back as an alumni has a lot of value,” Ludin stated, “and seeing old friends and teammates brings back a lot of memories. My favorite part about Thunderdome is simply playing.”

Therefore, Thunderdome not only enables individuals with the opportunity of competition, but also gives them the chance to reunite as a team.