Vet Tech has pets for adoption

The Crowder College Vet Tech program is running a pet adoption program to put six local animals in good homes. They now are advertising two dogs and four cats up for adoption. A
ll the animals have been spayed and neutered, and have had a microchip tracker implanted. Pet Adoption
A quick search of “pet adoption” on the Crowder website will give information about all the animals available.

“Right now, we have applications for all the animals except for the puppies, Sicily and Aurora, and two of the cats, Calypso and Sage. Those still need homes,” says Stephanie Watson, Director of the Crowder Veterinary Technology program.

All interested parties must fill out an application, and pay a $25 fee, which will cover the first year of tracking for each adoption.

“This really is a good deal, because all these animals have been spayed and neutered, they’re up to date on vaccinations, they’ve been microchipped, and the adoption fee covers a year of tracking for their microchip. The dogs go home with heartwood preventative, and all animals go home with flea and tick preventative. It would be hard to find a better deal,” rmaid Watson.

The program cannot hold on to the animals forever, however, and there is a cutoff date for applications. All the animalDog Homies have to be adopted before finals week, and all animals must be gone by the last day of classes.
The pets are taken in by the Veterinary technician program, where the students get to have first hand experience with the animals.
More information can be found on the Veterinary Technology page of the Crowder website, or by contacting Stephanie Watson at (417) 455-5772.