Weight waits for you this holiday season

This Christmas Santa brought you a gift. Perhaps you were expecting it, perhaps you weren’t, but it’s here for you nonetheless. That’s right its weight gain! We as humans love the holidays, but as humans we love food even more.Daniel_Lambert
The Christmas holiday is exactly the time of the year where individuals gain weight. A long beak away from work, school, and college where one gets the chance to spend time with the family and give gifts. As well as celebrate Thanksgiving and eat to one’s satisfaction.
It is a proven fact that most individuals gain weight over the holidays, whether they think so or not. The copious amounts of food as well as extended periods of sleep and inactivity lead to a decent amount of weight gain. But, there is a way to circumvent this.

Many individuals have found ways to avoid gaining weight over holiday breaks. Some can be cited as saying that it’s as easy as avoiding food. Others would argue that it’s all in the exercise one performs. In this instance there are truly no wrong answers.

When asked what his secret to avoiding weight over the holidays was, Physical Education Major Matthew David Coulston had this to say,“If you’re gonna’ treat yourself, then set a strict workout plan and stick to it.”

Coach Harry Lineberry, Lifetime Wellness instructor, responded with a similar answer to the same question. “Eat smaller portions. Find a physical activity or exercise you enjoy doing and do it often.”

So it seems the answer has been made consistently clear by multiple sources. The best ways to avoid gaining weight over the holidays is to exercise regularly, do a physical activity you enjoy doing, and eat smaller portions.