Writers display their talent

By Sandra Peters


Crowder students in Bedlam Writers’ Guild and ENGL 114 01 Creative Writing class, along with club sponsor and instructor, Sandra (Sandy) Redmond Peters, participated in a Writers’ Workshop presentation recently at 114 Wood Coffee Bar/Area114 in Neosho.

Ms. Peters introduced all of the readers, read several of her own poems, and her class members’ poems and stories, including Joseph (Joey) Bramlett, Dylan Flint, Michael Moon, and Colin Isenhower, all who were unable to attend the event.

Flint commented in class that he received compliments about his work on Facebook.

All Official Officers of Bedlam Writers’ Guild: Joey Hosler, Guild Master; Tyler Dallis, Vice-Guild Master; Anna Jones, Guild Historian; Vada Harris, Guild Secretary (who is also in Creative Writing Class); and Sam Swanson, Guild Treasurer; were attendees, sharing as audience members and/or readers. It was a lively performance from the group. In the general audience, Travis and Mara Christensen, Rodney Peters, and several additional couples applauded the students and said they enjoyed the experience.

Ms. Peters thanked the program participants. “It’s always special to share compositions from Bedlam Writers’ Guild members, as well as from the Creative Writing class, which features a workshop format encouraging its writers to strengthen their skills in all three genres: narrative, poetry, and drama.”