Additional steps cause change in the FAFSA process

Additional steps cause change in the FAFSA process

By Whitney Crinklaw



A new step in the FAFSA process took place last May. By spring, students may be caught off guard by the sudden change.

Students may have to adapt to the new change to navigate the system. The EOC (Educational Opportunity Center) offers assistance to those who want it.

The EOC is grant ffafsa imageunded and a part of the Higher Education Act.

“There are 124 Educational Opportunity Centers in America, but only three here in Missouri, so we are really fortunate to have one here at Crowder,” said Nancy Goodwin, Assistant Director of the EOC.

“The process is more cumbersome, but if it is going to help students protect their identity, then it is worth it,” said Goodwin, the Assistant Director of the EOC.

However, what do students think of this new change? “I feel as though it is an advantage because our money will stay safe, but a disadvantage because it is one more thing to worry about in the FAFSA process,” said Brian Miller, a sophomore at Crowder.

Natalie Hobdy, the Educational Advisor of the EOC, made note the program “makes the process run easier and more smoothly for students.”

Goodwin stated, “The only way it affects the FAFSA process is due to the fact that you have to create the FAFSA ID. However, none of the requirements for FAFSA have changed.”