Art activities come to campus


Crowder College welcomed Fine Arts Week for the first time in its history. The event, which ran the week of Feb. 9-13, was for the intent of showcasing each of the departments of the fine arts Fine Arts Weekdivision, including music, art, theatre and debate. Each of the departments provided an opportunity for students and the public to participate or observe.

“We have so much to offer here, it’s important we demonstrate our expertise,” said Keri Keckley, division chair of fine arts. “Studies have long shown that participating in fine arts activities improves vocabulary and test scorers, increases learning experiences in communication and leadership and plays a vital role in preparing students for success in their career and personal life, even if their major is not fine arts.”

The inspiration for Fine Arts week came from speech instructor and debate coach, Jason Edgar, who noticed a number of fine arts events taking place during the same week.

“Each instructor in the [fine arts] department created an activity for Fine Arts Week,” said Edgar. “Some were student projects, some were competitions for high school and college students and some were their own creative work.”

The fine arts division hopes to make this a yearly event.