Cassville campus set to increase

Raschelle Hickman

The Crowder College Foundation plans to increase their local Board of Directors to three members from Barry County. Currently, Dr. Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent of schools, represents the Cassville Center on the Foundation Board of Directors. The foundation is seeking two additional board members.

The three directors will put together a subcommittee of local citizens to represent the Cassville Center. This new foundation subcommittee will focus on supporting efforts to raise funds for scholarships, faculty support and campus improvements.

“I have talked to several people from the community that are interested in either being on the board or subcommittee, people that are very passionate about what we offer here,” says Angela Seymour, director of Cassville Crowder.

According to Seymour, there has always been a desire in the community to have the facility look more like a college campus on the outside. Crowder College purchased the facility in November 2013 and now has the opportunity to enhance the exterior of the building.

According to Seymour, when the Cassville Campus opened in the fall of 1999, it housed three classrooms, a computer lab, an office and served 142 students. Today, with more than 550 students and a wide range of courses and degrees, the campus features 13 classrooms, a computer lab, and five offices.