Cheer squad welcomes new coach

By James Walls

Amanda Moody became the coach for the Crowder College cheer squad this semester, meeting 11 potential members for the squad at a meet and greet held for her on Jan. 15 in the Fireside Room on the Neosho campus.

Moody has experience as a professional cheerleader for various sports, such as arena football and hockey among others, having worked for the Tulsa Talons and Tulsa Oilers during her time in Oklahoma. Moving back to her hometown of Joplin, she took the job at Crowder so as to get involved with cheer and dance again.

“My hopes for the squad this semester is to fill all 12 uniforms that we have at tryout,” said Moody, mentioning her goal for the squad after the meet and greet, “so hopefully we will get the numbers we need to finish out the season for this year and start fresh next year.”

Tryouts for the squad took place on Jan. 18 in the Wright Conference Center, which resulted in the desired 12 positions being filled. Though only 12 uniforms were available this semester, Moody states that there will be more to come by fall semester.

Prior to being chosen for the team, Alondra Martinez, an occupational therapy assistant major with two years of cheer and dance experience, said that making it onto the team would be a great accomplishment.

“If I make the team, it would be one of the things that I accomplished this year,” said Martinez. “I promised myself that I would do something that I really wanted to do in college, so if I make the team it’s going to be better than ever. It’s going to be awesome.”