College staff and students discuss weirdness on campus

Objective Story


Caleb Stephens


College is a time for learning and a the true beginning of life. It’s also a time for complete and total weirdness. Crowder has experienced and accepts weirdness on campus.

Some college students have some interestingly weird stories to tell.

Past college student, Noah Derezotes said “One semester a guy on my floor would bare butt fart on his roommate’s pillow at least once everyday to see if he would get pink eye.”

Crowder R.As’ talked about their weird experiences a part of being an R.A. One recalled a memory when someone aligned rolls of toilet paper along the sidewalks of the brown complex. Also when asked about weirdness when it came to staff members some R.As’ explained how they’ve seen many staff members strutting fanny packs around campus.

Crowder Campus Life director Mark Aubuchon told about how he has seen a student dress up in a Pikachu hoodie. Aubuchon explained how the Neosho campus hasn’t really been responsible for hosting weird events but their have been weird scheduling of events such as selling snow cones one day for wellness week then doing a 5k run the next.

Aubuchon went on to describe Crowder’s attitude towards weirdness saying “The thing about Crowder is that we are very accepting. No matter how weird things or people may be we accept them. Live or let live.”

In conclusion, college life, though mainly about learning and hard work, can be fun and plentiful of weird experiences. Crowder college has had it’s own fair share of weirdness but accepts people no matter how weird they may be.