Concealed carry should be permitted

concealed firearmThere are many good aspects owning a concealed to carry license on campus. These licenses are obtained through attending and passing special classes that help adults 21 and older learn to shoot accurately, and give them the opportunity to have a concealed weapon on them at all times. Owning a concealed weapon is not at all bad. If the carrier owns a CCW permit, they have already been through background checks, special classes and have proved they can be law-abiding citizens who show to be responsible for owning and carrying a gun legally and properly.

According to police officers, people who own CCW weapons help put them at ease. Knowing that they are backed with civilians armed the same way helps officers feel a bit safer because there is safety in numbers.

“I support the right to carry for anyone who can exercise the responsibility for proper care and awareness.” Says Ron Avery, President and Director of Training for The Practical Shooting Academy, Inc. and Executive Director of the non-profit, Rocky Mountain Tactical Institute. “I have found, by and large, that citizens who do carry concealed are very pro-law enforcement and would be very willing to come to your aid if you were in the middle of a fire fight.”

Owning a concealed to carry license helps in other ways around the community such as making firearms easier to purch ase. Background checks are faster and more effective for those who own a CCW license because people can trust, or assume, that people who own the license are responsible and safe with firearms. CCW licenses are important. They help the community, help protect families, and allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon with them at all times. Owning this license is not all fun and games though. I understand there is a big responsibility to owning one; however, the second amendment protects our right as U.S citizens to bear arms. If we don’t practice that right, and do it properly and proactively, we will end up losing that amendment.

Government has made us believe that the only purpose of a gun is to kill people. Thanks to felons and criminals, it has most people believing that. Guns weren’t meant to kill people. They were meant for protection and food. It helps put police officers at ease knowing they aren’t the only ones carrying a weapon for protection, and it allows citizens to keep their families safe from harm. Having a CCW license helps citizens to protect and use their right in the Constitution. Without CCW licenses, criminals and felons would have the upper hand at committing more crimes because the police can’t be everywhere at once. CCW licenses are great. They were made for many reasons. One day, you just might be able to save your own family by owning one.