Crowder celebrates 50 years

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Daniel Garcia
Opinions Editor

This fall marks the 50th anniversary of the first students taking classes at Crowder College. In honor of the achievement, a number of the Crowder staff came together and designed a special anniversary book.

The publication, available as a hardcover book, contains many photos of staff and events that have come and gone from the campus over its 50 years. It contains many photos that were put together by the staff of Crowder over a period of two years.

“The idea for the book came first from James Tatum and Cindy Brown.” said Stephanie Witcher, communications instructor. “It was a lot of work and time to find some of those photos.”

The book had been in development for nearly two years prior to this, starting back in 2012. Authored primarily by Tatum , Witcher assisted him in the writing process.

According to Witcher, the book was originally scheduled to be released in February. However, the sheer amount of work made such a release date impossible, and the date was pushed back.

The book is available to students who are interested as well. Books may be purchased for $25 at any Crowder College Bookstore as well as the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce and the Newton County Historical Society.


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