Cyrus fails at free album

CD Album Review

By Fabi Sanchez

I do not recommend Miley Cyrus’s new free album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, which on Aug. 23 she released on the internet and SoundCloud app. It is 23 tracks that reflect she wasn’t in her right mind, or as track 13 would sum up “I’m So Drunk”.

There is a reason this free album isn’t catching on, because it is horrible Miley cyrus2and not easy to listen to. When listening to music, students typically wants something catchy and relatable. These tracks are none of those things. Most all of the tracks last up to 4 or 5 minutes, which is too long even for a good song.

In the first 30 seconds of the first track “Dooo it,” listeners would already be tempted to stop and regret ever listening. The song isn’t appealing because it’s a bunch of chaotic noise. The song does not flow well. The first words “Yeah, I Smoke Pot” in the first track may explain why this album went so wrong.

The second track “Karen Don’t Be Sad,” Cyrus sings with no emotion and it bores the listener. Jumping to the 10th track “Milky Milky Milk.” This song is just loud and obnoxious. Like most of the tracks on here, it is not easy to compare or listen to.

The last track “Twinkle Song” makes no Miley album coversense at all. Miley Cyrus was correct to release it as a free album, because not very many people would buy this poor excuse of an album. My critiques would get repetitive if I told about every track and how embarrassed Cyrus should be.

This entire album is laced with unneeded profanity, as if she only did it to try to sound cool. This all totals to approximately 90 minutes of wasted time. If you feel so inclined, put my critique to the test and see for yourself if this album isn’t one of Cyrus’s worst ideas.