Dorm curfew too strict

UCLA_dorm_roomCrowder students have less of an advantage compared to other colleges. Monday through Sunday, students have a curfew of the opposite sex being in the dorm rooms until midnight.

It is understandable on the weekdays, but why have it the exact same time for the weekend as well? There are other colleges who have either no curfew, later curfew, or co-ed dorms.

At Missouri Southern State University, they allow students to have girls on one level and boys on the next. They are all mixed together and the students do not have to worry about getting caught for curfew.

The University of Central Missouri is also co-ed and their curfew allows the opposite sex to stay in the rooms until 3am.

This is unfair to the students of Crowder College because even with being adults and living on their own they still have a curfew as late as many high school students. Other Missouri schools do not have to worry, why should Crowder?

It is understandable that most RAs and supervisors do not approve of later curfew because they feel as if the students cannot be trusted. They also feel that it could lead to dangerous incidents for the students. What gives them the right to determine if these things happen without giving them a chance first?

“I feel that there should be a later curfew on the weekends because it is unfair that other colleges around here do not have one, and we do.” Says Crowder freshman, Taylor Easley. “I also feel that we are adults and want to be able to stay out as late as we want without being jeopardized for it.”