Everything We Keep keeps readers turning pages

By Megan Murphy


Kerry Lonsdale’s debut novel, Everything We Keep, is an exhilarating whirlwind that leaves readers with more questions than answers, holding them captive until the very last page. This August release is a superb cross between a romance novel and a mystery thriller. Everything We Keep beautifully captivates the grief of losing a loved one, as well as the difficult process of moving on and finding love once again.

Lonsdale expertly weaves Aimee Tierney’s story of love and loss. It’s difficult not to relate to our protagonist as she attempts to regain control over her life after it has been thrown helplessly out of balance. While Aimee moves forward, the mystery surrounding her fiancé James’s alleged accident threatens to shatter everything she thought she knew.kerry-lonsdale

Set in the San Francisco Bay Area, Aimee’s story begins on the day of her fiancé’s funeral—originally set to be their wedding date. As the service ends and people begin to leave, the grieving Aimee is approached by an enigmatic woman with a shocking claim: James is still alive.

Characterization is one of the strongest aspects of Everything We Keep. Aimee’s procession through the stages of grief is mind-blowingly realistic. It’s refreshing to see a character that doesn’t spend the entirety of her days sobbing or, alternatively, put on an iron mask and never show any emotion at all.

Most importantly, Aimee heals. She continues on, learning to let go of the future she wanted that will never come to fruition. She remakes herself, by her own terms.

Some of the plot points border on cliché, but the story compensates for them well. Aimee finds herself the object of interest from a rugged photographer who aims to woo her from the moment they meet. In most romance novels, persistence is key in winning the heart of the protagonist. However, Aimee still loves James; she is unwilling to give up hope that he is still alive. Her poignant struggle between remaining faithful and moving on is a main theme throughout the novel.

All in all, Everything We Keep is an excellent read. The intricate storytelling combines with rich characters, making it an enthralling tale to the end. Lonsdale delivers on all fronts, whether you love a good romance novel or a scintillating mystery.