Fashion on campus: Gucci to gross


By Kenzie Kallio

Going to college is a new life experience for every young person. College is a place where many students figure out who they truly are and express themselves openly. Many college students express themselves through what they wear. Crowder College students express themselves freely through their fashion just like every other college or university.
“There isn’t [a dress code], but there is an item about conduct that has some issues related to not wearing offensive attire and we do require that shoes be worn while on campus…” said Tiffany Slinkard, Vice President of Student Affairs at Crowder.
With the exception of Christian colleges and military academies, colleges nationwide primarily do not incorDenver Mullinsporate a dress code into their handbook.
“I usually wear leggings, a t-shirt and my five-dollar shoes to class almost every day,” said Kai Redus, general studies major at Crowder. “It’s easy to throw on in the morning whenever I don’t wake up on time, which is most of the time. I also sometimes wear sweatpants to class.”
Though Crowder is a small community, there are many different types of personalities. Athletes might wear their Crowder sports clothes to class, while theatre students might wear their shirts from the coming up play.
With a dress code not in place at Crowder, students are free to wear whatever they would like to class, from pajamas to a dress suit. Students are open to express themselves freely during this new time in their life and figure out who they truly are as growing adults in society