Graduation checklist for graduating seniors

Graduates! Did you know that aside from completing the required and extra classes you have to take, you have to do a few more things to graduate? It’s okay! Here is a list of the requirements you must have done before you can walk across that stage proudly.


Graduation will be held on the Neosho campus at the Bob Sneller gymnasium on May 20. Times vary. General studies graduate at 10 a.m. Other degrees graduate at 1 p.m. Graduation practice will be held in the gymnasium on May 18.

Take the Exit Exam. You cannot receive your diploma without taking it. The last date to test is May 18. Seats fill up fast so sign up at

Apply for graduation. This is located in MyCrowder. There is also a $35 graduation fee you must pay before you graduate.

Order your cap and gown. This must be done a week prior to graduation. Go to the bookstore and they will have a form to fill out for you. Be sure to get that done ASAP.

Make sure your finances are all caught up. You cannot graduate when you still owe the college money. Be sure to pay all of your fees and turn in all of your textbooks.