Graphics Design newly developed

Crowder College has restructured all of the Graphic Design courses. Five new courses have been added to replace the old courses. This has created a new degree plan for Graphic Design, which now has new courses that are separate from the Art & Design degree.

This new Graphic Design degree will help students create a well-developed portfolio, which is used when transferring over into the job market.

“Most places that hire graphic designers are large companies and advertising corporations,” said Joshua Smith, Graphic Design instructor for Crowder College. “The courses are more spread out so you can do more focused projects in the programs and you can spend more time building portfolios to help shape your career.”


The new Graphic Design classes include Graphic Design 2 in Photoshop, Graphic Design 3 in InDesign & Web Applications, and Graphic Design in Typography. Though these new courses are only available at the Webb City Crowder campus this semester, the following semesters will provide Graphic design 2,3, and Typography at both campuses. “After learning about the new courses offered for Graphic Design, I am really considering making a career out of it.” said Jonnie Vue, student at Crowder College.

“No previous experience is needed in order to take Graphic Design 1, but having experience in computers helps immensely,” said Joshua Smith, “Having any kind of background in art also helps but is not necessary.”

For more information on the updated Graphic Design program please contact Joshua Smith at