Happy Valentine’s DIY

Clara Brodeur
Entertainment Editor

      If you’re anything like me, you’re generally always broke. Which sucks around the holidays. So, I’ve decided that I can give my significant other a meaningful gift while spending under ten bucks. So, like any other person who has tried (and only sometimes failed) a decent amount of Pinterest ideas, I Pinned some great ideas to make a valentine.
While I found many great projects, I also didn’t have a lot of time to create this thing. I found the perfect one: I Love You to Pieces! (gift in a jar) – http://thefrugalgirls.com/2013/01/i-love-you-to-pieces-craft-gift-in-a-jar.html in case you wanted specific instructions.
I went to my go to store with just the website on my phone and about an hour to kill between class and work (and my wallet, because you know, stealing is bad).
First up, the candy. Reese’s Pieces were just a little hard to find, and I wasn’t sure if that would be enough, so I picked up some Mini Reese’s Cups too.
Reese's_Pieces      Next, mason jars. Super hard to find just one. I almost settled for the kind of expensive set of mason jars with handles, until I found the arts and crafts section. There, I found the single mason jars for like two dollars – sweet.
Then I found the dollar ribbon bin and instead of scrapbook paper and stamps, I got blackboard stickers and chalk. All of this was a little under ten bucks.
Assembling it was easy, I didn’t know if the colors of the candy needed to be sorted for the full impact, but I did it while watching tv.
Also, if you buy one of the larger mason jars, just one bag of Reese’s Pieces doesn’t fill it, so the Mini’s filled the rest. I tied the ribbon, stuck the stickers, and wrote cute little phrases on them.

      When my fiancé saw it, he said it was super cute, but I’m pretty sure he just liked the candy. So, mason jar projects are quick and fun, and candy basically makes everything great. This was a good idea that is really hard to mess up. Involving candy and sweet phrases, it’s just like any other store-bought valentine, except it seemed a little more special. Putting time, effort and love into something makes it feel a little more meaningful.