Jacob Brimer: Fearless off and on the field

by Whitney Crinklaw, Sports Section Editor

Jacob Brimer is overwhelmed with euphoria as he hits a walk off home run to end the game. “I was a senior in high school and we were playing a district championship,” continued Brimer, “We won and went tojacob brimer regionals.”

Brimer makes it sound easy, however he started his baseball career at an early age, to ensure his spot as a college level player. “I was about three years old,” he stated. Therefore, Brimer has practically played baseball his whole life.

Brimer attended Bald Knob High School and is now a freshman baseball player at Crowder, working on his general studies. He aspires to be a speech therapist in the near future. He also wants to continue on as an athlete for the rest of his collegiate career, in hopes of being drafted one day.

The Roughriders not only do well on the field, but off the field. According to Travis Lallemand, the head baseball coach, “This group in the fall had a 3.29 GPA as a team and that is another testament to their strong character as well as a good start for our freshman in the classroom.”

However, each player has his strengths and weaknesses in the game of baseball. According to Brimer his strength is hitting, “I am a left hand hitter and have a lot of power,” he continued, “and a pretty good average, so it’s a good combination.”

The team is very balanced this year and has grown close as a group. However, injuries have posed a problem for the Roughriders this year. Later Lallemand stated, “The only weakness that stands out is keeping the guys healthy.” Despite injuries, the Roughriders’ strength shines through, which we can see from their record of 18-15 this season.

Baseball has “given me a lot of character traits you may need when you’re older to raise a family and support a family,” Brimer continued, “It’s going to help me with that and being a man the rest of my life.” Brimer makes it known that baseball has helped him to grow in a number of ways. He shows us he’s not afraid to hit a homerun on the field, but in life as well.