Longwell Museum gets remodeled

Longwell Museum gets remodeled

By Bethany Doty


The remodeling of the Longwell Museum took place from Sept. 11- Oct. 12. It is now re-opened for the public.

Students may go and look around at the new and improved artwork collection, which holds famous pieces, including the history of the Longwells. The museum had many changes from its original design, like permanent white walls, and a big space where there is no limit on how much weight or art hangs on the walls, accorEventPhotoFull_larger than lifeding to director of art collection Casey Tz Smith.

Many people helped contribute to the renovation, especially author Judy Haas Smith, who signed her own book in the new museum on Thursday, Oct. 15, the official grand re-opening.

“The new museum will be beneficial to Crowder students because it gives the art students a chance to experience the professional settings of art, and learn how to set up a show for others to see,” said Smith.

What do students think of the new museum? “I haven’t got a chance to explore the new museum yet, but all I have heard is how great it looks and that it will give art students something to look forward to in the future,” said Crowder freshman Taylor Easley.

The remodeling process took three weeks, and is ready for everyone to see the permanent collection and the Camp Crowder collection, which are significant pieces to the school.

Video: Dr. Jennifer Methvin interviews Judy Smith author of Larger Than Life: The Legacy of Daniel Longwell and Mary Fraser Longwell. Credit Travis Christenson, Crowder College Educational Technology Department