Music department prepares for upcoming concerts

CHoirKourtney Keith

Crowder College’s music department will involve new themes, singers, and composers for the Christmas and spring concerts for present and upcoming semesters. Currently, Crowder’s music department, led by Robert Ensor and Dr. Kierstin Bible, is working on its Christmas concert for the Chamber choir, Chorale choir and music students. The next concert will be at Neosho United Methodist Church on Nov. 22, due to snow days last year that cancelled the final performance.

Because many Crowder students graduated last year the choir is now a three part instead of a four part chorus but Dr. Bible said that they have a new, exciting highlight to add to their program this Christmas. Art and social work major, Kate Besser, says, “I’m extremely excited about the concert this semester, the songs we are performing are fun, funky and moving all in one! Our choir is small, but I think we’ve been surprising ourselves with how strong we are, and how well we work together. I can’t wait to show everyone what we can do!”

After coming back from Christmas break the choir will host a concert in the auditorium titled “Music for the Screen,” which has been installed with a new sound system. This will include soundtracks from popular movies and video games such as, “Only Hope” from A Walk to Remember, “Love Song” off of the musical Moulin Rouge, “Hallelujah” out of the movie Shrek and “Let it Go” from Frozen.

Theme music from class television shows like Doctor Who, Welcome Back Kotter and the movie The Pink Panther will also be performed. Dr. Bible hopes to have a section of the concert titled, “Music so cool it should be in a movie,” and have “Oceans” by Hillsong featured. A composer Dr. Bible knows has arranged the song for a full four part men’s quartet and hopes to have it rearranged for Crowder’s choir with a string quartet choir.

One issue that the music department is having now that they have the copyright permissions is the funds to pay for them so they will be doing fundraising events leading up to the concert. A possible fundraiser that Dr. Bible and the music department is checking into is through the company that Crowder buys their sheet music from, and community that wishes to help.