National campaign underway on campus

Brian Savard, general studies major, signs his “It’s on Us” Pledge. (Kate Kelley | Editor-in-Chief)

Alexis Arenas-Andrade
Multimedia Specialist

Campaign creates awareness

The “It’s on Us” campaign has made its way into the doors of the Crowder College Neosho campus. “It’s on Us” goal is to create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported. President Obama alongside with Vice President Joe Biden and other Americans kicked off this campaign late last year.

The campaign is a group effort from administration, faculty, staff and students. They joined together to recreate one of their public service announcements. “Crowder is using the ‘”It’s on Us”’ videos as a model for four videos we made to get as many students and staff to ‘“take the pledge”’ to help end sexual violence,” stated Mark Aubuchon, Campus Life Director.

Students called to action

For any student that wants to take the pledge, the sheets are located outside the campus life office in the student center. Students can sign and slide the pledge sheet under the campus life door.

Efforts have been in placed prior to the campaign starting here on campus to prevent sexual assault. “The ‘”It’s on Us”’ campaign is new (within the last year), but prevention of sexual violence has always been a part of our charge as a college,” stated Aubuchon.

This campaign is also a call to action. “This reminds all of us, students and staff alike, that it is on all of us to do our part to help end sexual violence,” he says.

Sexual violence, in particular, is a major problem on all college campuses and universities, and “Crowder wants to be at the forefront of awareness and prevention,” stated Aubuchon.

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